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Why do we need a Good logo design?

A logo is a graphic design or illustration of your business or company. It is the identity of a corporate or organization symbolizing the character of the firm. The logo establishes you as a brand and has a symbolic meaning to the company. It’s an icon which represents you while increases the chances of getting potential customers enhancing leads and online sales. A business looks complete with an effective logo. It offers a sense of repute and stability among the clients therefore every company must have a logo to advertise themselves. Optimark services is a knowhow expert on creating imaginative digital logos for brands and customers globally.

How it Happens

Process which we follow to design logo


Choosing the Package - Choose the right package of Logo design is better option to get the best logo.


Fill Up Questionnaire - You should fill up the Questionnaire to let us understand your business needs.


View the design - We analyse the logo design and review it.


Revise the design - We take a re-look revise the Logo before delivery to check if it’s the best approach to the business.


Get the final work - Our logo design can be reviewed and approved by you before it goes live.

Our Logo Design Includes

We know logo defines Origin, identity and ownership of a company or business; therefore we should have a good logo design to strength brand image and improve company reputation. Basically the types of Logo’s are defined below:


This logo type generally has brand name as texted. Facebook and Disney are superb examples. Fonts are crafted specifically for the brands to use for marketing and branding.

Letter mark

The lettermark is actually typographic. They use a symbol or initials of the company/brand to represent. This logotype sometimes graphically illustrates the company better when the company has long name or hard to pronounce. World’s popular firms which use woodmark logo are Channel, Hewlett-Packard and General Electric.

Iconic/ Symbolic

The use of icon and symbol is the presentation of a company. Apply and Mercedes Benz is suitable example to this category. The image or icon is boldly represented to represent the brand.

Combination marks

This logotype is combination of wood mark and symbol. A good designed combination mark looks perfect with embark of letter and icon. Adidas and Sprint are best examples of combination logo type.


The emblem type blends the name of the company within the design. Check out the Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Starbucks logo; they encase the best example.


You can represent your comapny by using an illustrated character in Mascot Logo. Those character will work as ambassador of your company. The Kool-Aid Man, KFC’s Colonel and Planter’s Mr. Peanut. Mascots are best examples for this kind of logo. Mascots logos are largely liked by childrens and families.

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